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Planning, Designing, and Building Additions: The Design/Build Process

June 28, 2012 by  
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1009 b1010Designing an addition to add square footage to your home can be one of the most challenging, yet exciting projects that you can do to improve your home, increase its value, and optimize the enjoyment and functionality of your living space.     In design circles, it’s called “Form Follows Function”. This same concept is utilized in the highly competitive world of automotive engineering as well as many other disciplines, such as furniture design, sports equipment design, and nautical design & engineering in high-performance sailing yacht construction. One of the initial difficulties with planning an addition for a residential house is
Where to start? & Who to call? Well-established companies that offer “Design and Build” services, such as 21st Century Building Company, (often referred to simply as “Design/Build”) can assist the homeowner from start to finish, making the entire process easier, and much more efficient, while resulting in a professional outcome. Over the years, we’ve seen many cases where the general public is not aware of what the terminology “Design/Build” means; consequently homeowners are often unaware of what advantages a Design/Build firm’s services offer.

Clarifying and defining the term “Design/Build” would be a good start:

21st Century Building Company, being a progressive and cutting-edge company, offers an advanced method of Design/Build, with their proprietary Online Design®, an interactive, web-based, client-centered process.  Utilizing Go-To-Meeting and Chief Architect, after initial measurements are taken, you will be walked through detailed, 3-dimensional, full color perspectives of your home with various layouts and configurations.  During each and every step of the way, guidance and confirmation will be asked of you for feedback, leading the creation of your new space in keeping with your vision.  A professional Design/Build firm should be capable of taking your project all the way from conceptualization to its full and final completion, as desired. Unfortunately, when a homeowner hires a company to build their addition, the adage in the remodeling industry is that “there is no such thing as a small mistake”.  Mistakes in foundations, rooflines, overhangs, and structural changes are all costly to correct. 3000Likewise, when a homeowner builds an addition, without regard to “space-planning”, it may result in an addition larger than necessary to meet the needs of the family. In this scenario, the overall project is likely more expensive than the family’s needs. Having a room addition “right-sized” through a proper Design/Build process in will ultimately save money, minimize frustration, and lead to a better outcome.   Vetting the professional experience of the company under consideration is what most call “due diligence.” In the Remodeling industry, “due diligence” on the part of a professional remodeler is to produce excellent results (“Form”) as a direct result of excellent planning (“Function”)  


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