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Accurate Design Renderings Lead to Accurate Final Results

July 19, 2014 by  
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AFTER    Completed 2nd story addition over garage

Design for 2nd story addition over garage

DESIGN    2nd story addition over garage

Accurate Design Leads to Accurate Results   When an addition is designed for an existing residence, the blending of new with old is paramount. When design is wrong to the naked eye, it’s obvious. When an addition is well conceived and constructed it is not at all obvious to the naked eye. In fact, a well-designed and built addition should blend in so well with the home that it appears to have always been there. Take note of the 2nd story above the garage in the night time computer-generated image and the daytime finished project. Can you tell where the addition was built? Then take a look at the before picture below. Which picture makes the house look better, more balanced? Does the addition look as though it was just dropped on top of the garage (like Father and Son Construction so deftly conceive in their TV ads) or does the addition look like it’s always been there?
Mattson front wide

BEFORE   Existing home before the addition was built


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