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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose 21st Century Building Company, Inc? Many homeowners “do their homework” by watching HGTV, Holmes on Homes, DYI, or any of those Home Improvement shows on TV. Those shows can make the process look easier than it really is. So, you may wonder, “Why should I choose 21st Century Building Company?” Well, here are a few reasons why…. Warranty Do you want the option of being able to call someone, day or night, if anything goes wrong during or after construction? With 21st Century Building Company, your peace of mind is assured because whatever the issue, whenever it might occur, we will do whatever it takes to remedy the situation. We proudly stand behind our Warranty. Communication Barrier Like any profession, the building industry has its own vocabulary, methodology, and proper sequence of events. Unless you are knowledgeable of the field, understand the construction process and what the specific project involves, you will be in over your head. We know who to and how to and when to communicate with various tradesmen, vendors, distributors, and city officials. We will take care of all of this for you. Major Time-Commitment There is a lot of behind-the-scenes phone calls, paperwork, organization, and expediting that need to be made before and during a project. If you are unfamiliar with the construction industry, managing the project will become your full-time job and there will be a steep learning curve. If you are already employed, it will be very difficult to do both jobs well. Passing on these duties will simplify your life and allow you to concentrate on your job which allows you to justify having professionals complete your project in a timely manner. Headaches In theory, scheduling and project coordination sound like relatively easy tasks, but not so. There are many trades that need to be involved in a moderately-sized project, and they all need to be selected, scheduled, organized, synchronized and managed. Inspectors and subcontractors go on vacation or may be unavailable at a desired time. Frustrations occur when materials get back-ordered, discontinued, shipped incorrectly, arrive damaged or incomplete, have special handling requirements or need to be picked up. This is what 21st Century Building Company is here for. Let us organize the trades so you can rest easy. Established Relationships with Skilled Trades It takes a General Contractor (G.C.) many years to develop and maintain a circle of trusted tradesmen. We know several professionals in each trade and will be able to best match the trade to your project. You will benefit from our knowledge of the industry, years of experience and local contacts. When a homeowner hires a trade himself, there are risks for both parties. For the homeowner, there are potentially higher project costs, longer construction time, sporadic work by trades, and having an unknown and untested person work in the home. For a tradesman, working directly for a homeowner is just a one-time event. The homeowner is less important to that trade than the G.C., because there is no promise of repeat business, multiple jobs, or other work in the immediate future. When a trade works for someone who may not have a good understanding of the construction process, there may not be good coordination (Is the job ready to start?), materials lists, or a clearly defined Scope of Work. A Tradesman will usually charge more when dealing directly with a homeowner because of the time needed to educate and manage the homeowner. For the tradesman, there are risks of not being paid by the homeowner on the agreed price, for changes, or even on time. Insurance 21st Century Building Company is licensed and fully insured. As such, both you and your project are protected if damage, accident, injury, theft or vandalism should occur. These issues are not so straightforward when a homeowner acts as their own G.C. When a homeowner acts as their own G.C., they may not be covered from such incidents by the homeowner’s policy. Permit Process At 21st Century Building Company, we design your projects for you. After the Design Process is completed, we will navigate the plans through the Permit Process on your behalf. We are knowledgeable about the local building codes and regulations, have established relationships with city officials, and can ease homeowners through this often frustrating process. We also coordinate with the building department for all inspections. With the current economic cutbacks, many city departments in Detroit Metro are operating with a lean staff and wait times are considerable, further adding to the frustration. Variance Process Certain improvements may require obtaining a Variance from the municipality, prior to securing the Permit. This can be a confusing, aggravating, and time-consuming process. Waiting lists, strict case limits, and once-a-month meetings are the norm. As your G.C., we can file and present your case. We would agree to a nominal fee to represent you, as our client. When the Variance is approved, our fee is waived. Proper preparation (visual aids, detailed surveys, scaled blueprints, color renderings, hardship plea, personal approval letters and/or attendance by your neighbors, etc.) significantly improves our chances of approval. To date, every single Variance we have requested has been approved. The Go-Between When something is not done correctly and needs to be fixed, 21st Century Building Company communicates, coordinates, and expedites the solution. We are skillful trouble-shooters and are “always on the lookout” for issues to correct. With our reputation at stake and referral business on the line, we are able to look at the big picture and do what’s best for all parties in a professional and reasonable manner, with impartiality. Remember that we are your advocate during the Planning, Design, and Construction process. We use a Client-Focused Approach and will act on your behalf to ensure that the project goes smoothly. We’re proud to say that a sizable portion of our business comes from repeat projects with family members and referral business within the community. When hiring 21st Century Building Company to do your project, we will always have your best interests in mind.